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Skate Knowledge

Some Useful Information about Skate Equipment:

Boot Sizing Help:
The very best way to figure out what size skates you need is to try them on! Usually a local rink or shop, or someone else you may skate with, may have a skate that you can try on for size. If you don't have access to a skate in your size, most skates run fairly close in size to popular tennis shoe brands. You can also have your feet measured at most shoe stores on the Brannock device (traditional shoe sizer). This is helpful because it will also measure the width of your foot. Most speed (low cut) style skates are sized in men's sizes and ladies will need to order 1 or 1.5 sizes smaller than they wear in ladies shoes. If you are not sure that you know what size to order, make sure you order your skates unmounted. If you order the boots mounted on the plates, often they can not be returned or exchanged. By ordering the parts separately, you can exchange them if they don't fit right. If you have any other questions about sizing, you can always email us and ask before you place your order.

More technical info is coming soon!!