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About GetSkates

GetSkates is "100% skater owned and operated"!

Many skate retailers tell you to "buy skates from a skater" or "buy from them because they are skater owned" or "buy from us because we've been doing this for so many years"... well there is nothing wrong with that... just remember that here at GetSkates you have all of that in one place!

I have skated competitively for over 20 years. I have competed in artistic skating, jamskating, and speed on both quads and inlines. I currently play roller derby with the (awesome!!) Texas Rollergirls as "Speedyrella". Along with my addiction to skating, I have always loved to find, build, and collect unusual and rare skates! After discovering Ebay in the 1990s, I began buying and selling a lot of used skates, first for myself, and then more and more to help out friends who were looking for skates. Through the use of the internet, my own contacts and friends in the skating community, and my own personal collection, I realized that I could usually locate just about anything! After doing this for a while, I continued to be surprised at just how many people could not find the skates and parts that they wanted, could not find valid information about skates, or were paying outrageous prices for mediocre equipment. My used skate business continued to grow, and in 2003, I officially set up GetSkates so that I could offer a complete line of new skates as well.

Because of the personal experience I have gained through competing in so many different types of skating, I can offer first hand knowledge and advice about skate products. And since I have always been fascinated with the equipment side of skating as well, I have personally owned and skated on a large percentage of the products that are available. I am confident in the advice I give to skaters because it comes from my own experience with the products, not just from reading what the manufacturer claims in their catalog. I am often amazed at just how much bad information people can find on the internet, from other skaters, and even from rinks and skate shops. I don't claim to know everything about skates, but I will do whatever I can to find the correct answer for you if I don't know it myself!

Rebecca @ GetSkates

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about GetSkates, or just about skates in general.

Contact Information:

Mailing Address:
238 Shannon Lee
San Antonio, TX 78216

Email: [email protected]

Ebay: Getskatescom

I am also active on many skating bulletin boards & forums using the name "Live2sk888".