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Snyder Advantage Plates - lightly used size 8 (6.25)


The Advantage is a lightweight version of the Super Deluxe. Extruded 7000 series aluminum is light weight and strong making this plate a great alternative to the standard Super deluxe. Precision CNC machining makes each and every plate identical to the one before it, when buying an Advantage plate you know you are getting something perfect, we wouldn’t have it any other way. Forged trucks for superior strength, steel king pin and steel axles are standard but titanium can be an option, rubber cushions standard offering superior feel feedback, and adjustable pivots giving the skater complete control over performance.

7mm axles standard.
Medium barrel cushions standard.
Super lightweight extruded 7075 aluminum.

MSRP: $425.00

This pair includes a brand new set of the stock cushions as well as the new custom cut 85a Sure Grip grey cushions that are currently on the plates.

Only one pair available!

Sold Out