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Roll Line Variant-M Plates

Image of Roll Line Variant-M Plates

$195.00 - On Sale

Plate: Aircraft Aluminum and Steel Alloy
Truck: Aircraft Aluminum Trucks with 7mm Steel Axles and adjustable Pivot Pins
Cushions: Professional in Natural Rubber Suspensions
Toe Stops: Professional (White) Metric

MSRP $215

Size: 90 to 190 in 10mm increments

*How to order the correct plate size:
If you know the specific plate size you want, order by that size.
If you aren't sure or aren't familiar with how plates are sized, you can order by boot size. If you do this, we will select a standard sized plate that will fit properly on your boot.
If you are not sure what you need, please contact us before placing your order. :)