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Bont Quadstar Junior Skates

Image of Bont Quadstar Junior Skates

$115.00 - On Sale

Bont Quadstar Skates with Prodigy plates. Black with blue trim. Bont size 4.5/36.5

(Bont sizing is unique; please use the sizing tool on their website if you don't know your Bont size!!)

Boot Features:
Base: Fiberglass
Outer skin: Australian leather
Liner: Suede-L
Boot height: High
Heel rise: 6mm
Innersole: EVA with fabric
Heat moldable: Fully heat moldable base utilizing epoxy thermoset resin
Padding: Memory foam

Plate Features:
Action: 20-degree truck angle
Base material: Nylon and fiberglass composite
Cushion hardness: 88A standard urethane cushions
Kingpin: Steel
Kingpin Locknut: 9/16" socket for adjusting
Trucks: Aluminum
Axles: 8mm
Toe stop: Adjustable allen screw, 4mm allen wrench for adjusting

Only 1 pair available at closeout price!

I have park, street/hybrid, outdoor, or indoor wheels that can be added to this package if a complete skate is needed!

MSRP $299

Sold Out